Louis & Anne Carter

Louis and Anne Carter are medical missionaries with SIM and CMDA – Christian Medical and Dental Associations. Their ministry is “Home Schooling for Missionary and National Doctors” or On-Site Training in Reconstructive and Hand Surgery. Louis is a board certified general, plastic and hand surgeon, and Anne is an operating room nurse. In the past 15 years they have made 66 trips to mission hospitals, averaging two months for each trip.

The Carters only go to mission hospitals with a strong Gospel witness and SIM encourages them to visit any mission hospital under different boards. Most of the trips have been to Africa though they have been to Papua New Guinea 11 times and also India and Nepal. There is a great need for reconstructive surgery on the disabled and deformed around the world and especially in Africa. These deformed and disabled are ostracized from school, work and even church and family as they are thought to be possibly cursed or harbor an evil spirit. They feel rejected by God and unable to approach God. Reconstructive surgery usually alleviates the problem and allows the patient to return to work or school and to realize God’s love and compassion for them through their surgical care. Many come to know Christ as Savior.

Youth Leadership of Memphis

Youth Leadership of Memphis is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. This ministry’s mission is to change the lives of young men in the inner city of Memphis through the principles of strength, honor, and truth in the Christian tradition. We specifically target the Foote/ Cleaborn Homes Community.

YLM uses work as a platform to teach values such as respect for authority, discipline, courtesy, tolerance of others, anger management, and compassion to at-risk male youths, ages 6-18. The program is carried out every weekend of the year.

Every Saturday 5-7 YLM work crews teams head out into the Memphis area to perform typical lawn maintenance tasks. Older participants and volunteers supervise and manage younger boys. This program creates a unique men’s mentoring environment. At the end of the day, participants are paid a “wage”. In order to be eligible to work the following week, the young men are required to attend Church services in the neighborhood.