As the Pastor of Redeemer Evangelical Church, I would like you to know how thrilled we are that you are considering Redeemer to be your church home. After the decision to place your faith in Jesus Christ, the choice of your church family is the next wonderful step of faith and obedience. You want to make sure it will be a beneficial experience for you and your family! If you have attended the worship services at Redeemer you have witnessed the fact that God is blessing us. We believe this is a result of our sincere attempt to be a God-centered church where the Word is faithfully taught, and the needs of God’s people are being met.

Our entire staff spent many years in a larger, seeker-friendly church where there were programs that involved thousands of people. While those churches have their place, we purposefully and pointedly designed a church that would focus on relationships, spiritual growth and a Biblical world-view in a more intimate setting. Our growth has been steady and meaningful, but we are not in the program business.

Dr. Jimmy Latimer sitting in front of stained glass

Our prayer is that you do not think that membership is just a way of “adding people” to our Church. The last thing we want is for you to become a part of the Redeemer family and then fade into inactive anonymity. Our desire is for each of our family members to be active in the ministry of our church. Why do we want you to be an “active” member? Because we believe people grow in their relationship with Christ when they are serving God! Serving God in the Church is a positive and rewarding experience. During our years of ministry we have seen thousands grow into the people God intended them to be through service in the congregation. Come see what makes us different.

We would love to have you share the Redeemer experience.


Dr. Jimmy Latimer

Our Pastor

Dr. Jimmy Latimer
Dr. Jimmy Latimer