Youth Ministry

Laying a strong foundation for young lives is the goal of the Student Ministry. Each week many of our junior high (6th-8th grades) and senior high (9th-12th grades) students get together at Redeemer to study God’s Word, build each other up, and have a good time. In addition to Sunday morning Bible Fellowship groups, Sunday night youth services provide a time to get together with other students in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy music, games, and a Bible message.

Youth Testimonies

Beth Hast
Collierville High School

First of all, this is the best youth group that I could ever ask for. These people are like my second family, and I Beth Hastlove them all. This youth group has made such a huge impact on my life; I don’t know what I would be doing without it. It has brought me so much more closely to God than I thought I’d ever be. I have made life long friends, and grown in my faith and am still growing. Thanks to this group, I am saved and nothing is better than that feeling. I have been through some awful and horrible stuff in my life and I didn’t know if I could get past it, but this group has taught me to stay strong through God and to most importantly forgive people for what they have put me through. I look forward to youth group every week!!!!

Dawn Williams
Houston High School

Before I knew Christ, I was just living life with no remorse of the bad things I had done. I was practically Dawn Williamsnot caring about anyone but myself because I THOUGHT no one loved or cared about me. Since Christ has entered my heart, I feel a certain something in my heart. It’s hard to explain, but I feel loved and I feel like nothing could ever be THAT bad because I have Christ. Life is pretty amazing and I am happy.

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